• Top 10 reasons to wear a lab coat

    10.  Lab coats with sleeves rolled down and all buttons-buttoned make you look like a serious scientist.

    9.  Lab coats protect your regular clothing from dirt and non-obvious contamination in the lab.

    8.  Keeping your lab coat in the lab prevents spreading contamination from the laboratory to your home.

    7.  Tie-dyed shirts go in and out of style, but a tie-dyed lab coat is always fashionable.

    6.  Lab coats protect your skin from spills and splashes that occur in the laboratory.

    5.  Many lab coats are fire-resistant.

    4.  You can get lab coats with special features, like static-control, wrist cuff and back ties, to fit your specific application.

    3.  If you are wearing your lab coat, the safety staff won't stop you and ask "Where's your lab coat?"

    2.  Many clothing items made with synthetic fabrics will melt in heat or fire causing severe burns.  Lab coats are generally made of cotton or specialized fabrics that will not melt.

    and finally the #1 reason to wear a lab coat

    1.  If something splashes onto your lab coat or your coat catches on fire - you can easily take the coat off.  It is more difficult to remove contaminated clothing.


    (all of the above was found on the internet)

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